DW Commercial Cleaning Services Singapore

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DW Commercial Cleaning Services Singapore

Services/Products Offered Commercial Cleaning:

  • Commercial Pantry Cleaning
  • Restroom Cleaning
  • Toilet Cleaning
  • School Cleaning
  • Classroom Cleaning
  • Campus Cleaning
  • Gym Cleaning
  • Childcare Centre Cleaning
  • Tuition Centre Cleaning
  • Academy Cleaning
  • Shophouse Cleaning

Office Cleaning:

  • Workstation Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning:

  • Office Chair Cleaning
  • Office Chair Deep Cleaning
  • Sofa Cleaning
  • Office Sofa Deep Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning
  • Office Carpet Cleaning

Aircon Servicing

Key Differentiators Affordable Price

Reliable Customer Support

Attention to Detail and Professionalism

DW Commercial Cleaning Services Singapore prides itself as a trusted partner for maintaining pristine commercial spaces. With a team of professional cleaners, they specialize in providing top notch commercial cleaning services customized to clients’ requirements. Their services range from meticulous office cleaning to thorough industrial cleaning, covering areas such as workstations, restrooms, office pantries, school cleaning, gym cleaning, childcare centre cleaning, classroom cleaning, shophouse cleaning and more. Additionally, they offer specialized services like upholstery cleaning (e.g., office chair cleaning and sofa cleaning), aircon servicing, carpet cleaning, and more, ensuring every nook and cranny is spotless. Thus creating a workspace conducive to productivity.

DW Commercial Cleaning Services Singapore’s commitment to cleanliness is evident in their informative articles, which highlight the importance of a clean workplace. Furthermore, their portfolio showcases numerous successful projects where cluttered spaces were transformed into pristine environments, garnering rave reviews from satisfied clients.

For those ready to experience the DW Commercial Cleaning Singapore difference, they can be contacted via WhatsApp at +65 8241 0032, allowing them to elevate workspaces to new levels of cleanliness and professionalism.




Please visit their website for the full list of services provided.

  • Commercial Cleaning: DW Commercial Cleaning Services Singapore offers comprehensive and regular cleaning solutions tailored for commercial spaces. Their skilled team ensures that every corner of your establishment is thoroughly cleaned, including floors, surfaces, windows, and common areas. 
  • Office Cleaning: DW Commercial Cleaning Services Singapore offers regular office cleaning services tailored to your specific needs. From dusting and vacuuming to disinfecting high-touch surfaces and emptying trash bins, their team ensures that your office remains a comfortable and inviting place to work.
  • Industrial Cleaning: Industrial facilities such as factories and warehouses have unique cleaning requirements due to their size, layout, and operational needs. DW Commercial Cleaning Services Singapore offers customized industrial cleaning solutions designed to address these challenges. 
  • Upholstery Cleaning: DW Commercial Cleaning Services Singapore provides professional upholstery cleaning services to remove stains, odors, and allergens from sofas, chairs, and other upholstered surfaces. Using gentle yet effective cleaning techniques, they help extend the lifespan of your furniture while preserving its appearance and comfort.
  • Carpet Cleaning: DW Commercial Cleaning Services Singapore offers professional carpet cleaning services to remove dirt, stains, and allergens from carpets of all types and sizes. Using advanced cleaning equipment and eco-friendly products, they restore the appearance and freshness of your carpets, leaving them clean, soft, and odor-free.
  • Aircon Servicing: DW Commercial Cleaning Services Singapore provides comprehensive aircon servicing to keep your HVAC systems running smoothly. Their services include cleaning air filters, inspecting components for damage or wear, and lubricating moving parts to reduce friction and noise.


Why Choose DW Commercial Cleaning Services Singapore?

Affordable Rates – DW Commercial Cleaning Services Singapore prioritizes offering competitive pricing that allows their customers to access top-notch commercial cleaning services without breaking the bank. Their goal is to ensure that businesses of all sizes can afford to maintain a clean and hygienic environment without compromising on quality.

Seamless Booking Experience – DW Commercial Cleaning Services Singapore’s customer support team is dedicated to providing a smooth and hassle-free booking process. Whether you need a price quote, have inquiries about their services, or require recommendations tailored to your specific needs, their team is here to assist you every step of the way. They strive to make the entire experience as convenient and efficient as possible for their customers.

High-Quality Workmanship – DW Commercial Cleaning Services Singapore’s team delivers consistently high-quality workmanship, ensuring that your commercial space remains clean, sanitary, and professional at all times. They take pride in our attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

One-Stop Convenience – DW Commercial Cleaning Services Singapore offers a comprehensive suite of cleaning solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses. By choosing them, you can enjoy the convenience of accessing multiple cleaning services under one roof, allowing you to streamline your cleaning process and focus on what matters most – running your business.


How To Contact DW Commercial Cleaning Services Singapore?

Address 1090 Lower Delta Road #04-06Q, Singapore 169201
Opening Hours Monday-Sunday, 9am to 9pm
Website https://dwcommercialcleaning.com/
Contact Details Email: enquiry@dwcommercialcleaning.com

Whatsapp: +65 8241 0032

Tel: +65 6232 6995

Social Media Handles Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dwcommercialcleaning/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@DWCommercialCleaningServiceSG

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/dwcommercialcleaningservices/

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