What To Consider When Selecting An Upholstery Cleaning Company in Singapore

by Adrian M

People wish to maintain their upholstered furniture in pristine condition. However, with frequent use, these pieces of furniture often become dirty and begin to smell. Therefore, most households arrange for a professional upholstery cleaning service on a regular basis, usually every 12 months or so.

In Singapore, there are many service providers who offer upholstery cleaning services, including sofa cleaning services. To make the selection process easier, this article will explain some key factors to consider when choosing an upholstery cleaning service provider.


The Duration of Their Experience


When selecting a cleaning provider for upholstery, it is wise to find out how long they have been in business. Companies that have been operational for more than five years usually have a good customer base and an established history of sales. You can research this by looking into their previous projects with other customers. These businesses are probably providing reliable services such as sofa steam cleaning and settee cleaning, as they have worked hard to cultivate a good reputation. Therefore, it is sensible to go with a reputable and established cleaning service provider.


Skilled and Knowledgeable


Since purchasing upholstered furniture can be costly, it is essential to make sure the person doing the cleaning is knowledgeable. There are various ways to clean stains on different sofa materials. The cleaner should be able to recognize the most suitable cleaning method, tools, and materials to properly clean the upholstery.

Those providing cleaning services should be knowledgeable in the use of the necessary cleaning tools and the correct cleaning method to eliminate any stains or smells from the upholstery. Customers are encouraged to inquire as to the qualifications and experience of the company prior to hiring them.



Homeowners should know how to choose the best upholstery cleaning service among different service providers. Better to be sure that the price is reasonable for the quality of service they receive. The cost of upholstery cleaning is largely determined by the kind of fabric, the size of the area, the experience of the company, the equipment used, and the company’s reputation. It is common for experienced cleaning companies to charge more for their services, but there are some that offer lower prices without the right tools or staff, which could lead to more expenses down the road. Those who are on a budget should consider whether it is more cost-effective to hire a professional or try a DIY method. 


Upholstery Cleaning Procedures

Before picking a service provider, inquire about the method they will use to clean your upholstery. Depending on the material, hot water extraction or steam cleaning could be employed to eradicate dirt. Make sure to ask the service provider about how long the cleaning of the upholstery or cushions will take. Also, it would be wise to question them about whether any sofa stain removal or cleaning chemicals will be employed to remove difficult stains prior to steam cleaning.



You can find many upholstery cleaning service providers who have been around for a long period of time and who boast a considerable amount of positive customer reviews. These reviews are a good indication of the quality of services that they provide. This is because reputable companies tend to have an abundance of positive feedback from their customers.

If a company does not have any online reviews, it is possible they are a recently established business, doesn’t communicate with its customers, or uses offline marketing strategies. To check if they are a credible and trustworthy upholstery cleaning service, it is worth researching their about us page, past projects, or even their blogs. Doing this may require investing some effort and resources.




A number of advantages to frequent upholstery cleaning exist, and the way a service provider conducts business is paramount to realizing these. Prospective customers should always contact a company’s personnel with queries prior to placing an order, as certain factors, like the customer’s identity, may lead to different treatments. Professional companies guarantee equal treatment for all customers, although this is not always the situation.

In some situations, the staff may behave discourteously or not provide sufficient information. It is also prudent to assess the punctuality of the staff since most folks have hectic timetables and cannot use up time in vain. Do check to see if they specify when they will be at the cleaning job and if they are punctual or if the customer experiences delays. Moreover, their professionalism might also be evident in their ability to recognize indicators that you need specialized upholstery cleaning. They will direct you through the issue and will notify you about how to make your furniture endure longer.



Maintaining the cleanliness and freshness of upholstered furniture is a priority for many homeowners. Regular professional upholstery cleaning services are commonly sought to ensure the longevity and pleasant condition of these pieces. When selecting an upholstery cleaning service provider in Singapore, it is crucial to consider factors such as their experience in the industry, their expertise in handling various fabrics and stains, reasonable pricing, the cleaning procedures they employ, positive customer reviews, and their level of professionalism. By assessing these aspects, homeowners can make an informed decision and choose a reputable service provider that will deliver satisfactory results and help their furniture withstand the test of time. Engage a professional upholstery cleaning company such as DW Sofa Cleaning Singapore to provide you with quality cleaning services.


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