Why is Your Aircon Light Blinking and How To Fix it?

by Earl S

If you’ve ever noticed your aircon light blinking, then you’re not alone. This is a common aircon issue that can be caused by a variety of factors, ranging from simple maintenance issues to more complex technical faults. The aircon light blinking is a way for your aircon to indicate that there is an internal error that requires attention. However, understanding the cause of the blinking light and knowing how to fix it can be a daunting task for many homeowners. In this guide, we will explore some of the most common reasons why your aircon light is blinking and provide some tips on how to fix them.


Improper Aircon Installation

If your aircon is not installed properly by inexperienced technicians, it may result in your aircon light blinking. This blinking light is an indication of installation failure. To determine the root cause of the error, you should refer to the user manual or decipher the error code displayed on the aircon unit. It’s crucial to seek the assistance of professional aircon services to ensure that your aircon installation is performed correctly and efficiently.


Lack of Regular Aircon Maintenance


Air conditioners need regular maintenance to function correctly, and neglecting to do so can cause issues and malfunctions. One of the reasons why it is important to perform regular aircon maintenance checks is to ensure that your aircon unit is in good condition. You may be wondering why is your aircon leaking or blinking, it’s because sometimes it indicates that it needs servicing. This could be due to clogged air filters or other issues. Troubleshooting can help in such cases, or you may need to seek the assistance of an aircon servicing company.


Evaporator Coils Are Frozen


If you hear an alarm indicating a problem with your aircon, it is important to address it immediately as it is a way to prevent potential water leakage problems. One possible cause of frozen evaporator coils is duct issues. To check if your evaporator coils have frozen, you can open the front panel of your unit and inspect for any ice buildup. If you find that your coils are frozen, it may be necessary to temporarily switch off the aircon compressor until the evaporator temperature increases. It is recommended to contact and seek assistance from a reputable aircon servicing company if the issue persists.


Electrical Fault

If your air conditioner experiences an electrical issue, it could be due to a damaged PCB or an electrical wiring problem. To troubleshoot the issue, refer to the owner’s manual for the related error code to determine the root cause of the problem. Check the printed circuit board for any moisture or water that may be causing flickering and compressor failure. If dirty, carefully clean it with a cotton cloth and alcohol. Additionally, inspect the electrical wiring for blown components or fuses, especially if the unit is blowing air but not turning on. 

To identify and resolve the problem, insulation, and continuity tests are necessary, and these should be performed by a qualified and experienced technician. If a defective power cable or PCB is detected, it is crucial to replace it immediately to avoid further damage. Installing a dedicated aircon socket is a preventive measure that can help protect your aircon and other household appliances from power overload issues. A comprehensive guide on how to reset and restore electricity could be helpful as well in resolving the problem.

A situation where you need to hire a professional for aircon troubleshooting is when you already notice any issues with electrical components. They are the one who has the technical knowledge and appropriate tools to address the issue.


Refrigerant Leak

The refrigerant gas in an air conditioner plays a crucial role in its optimal functioning. If the refrigerant levels are low, it can lead to condensation, which in turn can cause the condenser to freeze and result in aircon leaks. Low refrigerant levels can also cause damage to the compressor unit and produce a hissing sound. To address this issue, it’s recommended to find the best aircon servicing that conducts a gas top-up and repairs any related aircon problems. Refrigerant leaks are hazardous to both human health and the environment; hence, immediate action should be taken to prevent aircon refrigerant leaks.


Clogged Air Filters


The importance of clean aircon filters is that it ensures that the evaporator unit runs efficiently and emits clean, powerful air. Failure to maintain the aircon unit can result in dust accumulation, which can clog the filters and produce an unpleasant odor. You should clean your aircon filters at least every three months to prevent airflow obstruction in the evaporator coil, which can cause the coil to freeze and result in water leaks. These are the reasons why it is important to have regular aircon maintenance.


Poor Air Circulation

When your aircon unit fails to circulate air correctly, it can cause the aircon to not be cold. This can be caused by incorrect aircon placement or an issue with the aircon drive motor. You can consult the user manual to identify the error code displayed by the aircon unit, which most manufacturers provide on the unit’s remote control or control panel. If the error code is not listed in the user manual, you may need to contact an aircon servicing company.



You may be wondering if the aircon light blinking is an emergency repair. However, it is still important to consult your aircon owner’s manual and identify the error code to troubleshoot the issue. A blinking light on your aircon unit can indicate a variety of issues, from clogged air filters to refrigerant leaks or problems with the PCB or electrical wiring. If you notice that your aircon light is blinking, it is crucial to take immediate action to prevent more significant damage to your unit. Overall, regular aircon maintenance and cleaning can help prevent many of these issues. It is recommended to engage a professional aircon servicing company such as DW Aircon Servicing Singapore to help diagnose and solve your aircon light blinking issues if it persists.

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