A1 Handyman Singapore

by Annabelle C

A1 Handyman Singapore

Services/Products Offered Plumbing Services

Electrician Services

Aircon Servicing Services

Water Heater Services

Rubbish Chute Replacement Services

TV Bracket Installation Services

Wall Mounting Installation Services

Door Repair Services

Drilling Services

Hinge Installation Services

Furniture Assembly Services

Key Differentiators
  • Wide Range Of Premium Handyman Services
  • Reliable Handyman Services & Quality Workmanship
  • Highly Experienced Handyman Team
  • Reliable and Responsive Customer Service Support

A1 Handyman Singapore is a reputable and dependable handyman service provider offering a wide range of handyman services in Singapore. Whether it involves door repairs, rubbish chute installations, or drilling services, they offer prompt, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. Renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality workmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and exceptional customer service, A1 Handyman Singapore has established itself as the premier choice for comprehensive handyman services in Singapore – and at affordable prices!

With a team of highly skilled professionals and extensive industry experience, A1 Handyman Singapore is committed to delivering exceptional handyman services throughout Singapore. Clients can confidently entrust their repair and maintenance tasks to the expertise of A1 Handyman Singapore – as seen in their many projects and reviews.



Please visit their website for the full list of services provided.

  • Handyman Services: Provides a full 1-stop handyman service designed to be fuss-free for customers. A1 Handyman Singapore’s comprehensive handyman services range from Rubbish Chute Services, Wall Mounting Services to Handyman Drilling Services and TV Bracket Installation.
  • Plumbing Services: Provide a full 1-stop plumbing service designed to be fuss-free for customers. A1 Handyman’s comprehensive plumbing services range from toilet installation, and pipe services, to tap & faucet services.
  • Electrical Services: Provide a full 1-stop electrician service designed to be fuss-free for customers. A1 Handyman Singapore’s comprehensive electrical services range from Power Socket Services to Light Installation/Replacement services.
  • Aircon Servicing Services: Provide a full 1-stop aircon servicing service designed to be fuss-free for customers.


Why Choose A1 Handyman Singapore?

Wide Range of Premium Handyman Services: With their team of experienced and skilled handymen, A1 Handyman Singapore is committed to providing a wider range of premium yet affordable handyman services to its customers to help solve any kind of home maintenance issue.

Reliable Handyman Services & Quality Workmanship: When it comes to professional handyman services, quality workmanship backed by a warranty is a guarantee. Whether it’s tackling plumbing challenges or requiring reliable carpentry services, A1 Handyman Singapore is the trusted name that delivers enduring solutions.

Best Handyman Customer Support: A1 Handyman Singapore understands the urgency and significance of addressing plumbing and electrical issues promptly. Their dedicated team is committed to providing helpful recommendations for resolving household problems.

How To Contact A1 Handyman Singapore?

Address 1090 Lower Delta Road #03-07L, Singapore 169201
Opening Hours Monday-Sunday, 9am to 9pm
Website https://www.a1handyman.com/ 
Contact Details +65 8241 0032 (WhatsApp)

+65 6980 0911 (Tel)

enquiry@a1handyman.com (Email)

Social Media Handles Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/A1-Handyman-Singapore-622937334842608

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAZbnfYQzeQMsyRDex6x_Iw

Twitter – https://twitter.com/A1HandymanSG

Pinterest – https://www.pinterest.com/enquiry1058/

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