LED Light Repair: 5 Essential Preparations Before Opting for Repair Services

by Vincent M

The climate in Singapore remains consistently hot throughout the year, leading most homeowners to prefer LED lights over incandescent ones. LED lights offer the advantage of unaffected performance regardless of temperature, along with lower electricity consumption compared to incandescent bulbs. However, like any electrical device, over time, you should be aware of the signs that the LED lights need replacement or repair.

While LEDs are not immune to faults and eventual failure, immediate replacement or repair of LED lights may not always be necessary. Before opting for repair or driver replacement, it is essential to follow these steps to determine the required service.


Check If Your Light Bulb Is Properly Inserted 


Light installations may not always be successful, and loose bulbs are a common reason for LED lights not illuminating. Improperly inserted bulbs can be identified by one side of the bulb’s base being visible from the socket, resulting in a crooked placement. Additionally, check for signs of a wobbly bulb or intermittent flickering. Before deciding on replacing the light bulb, attempt electrical troubleshooting by unscrewing and screwing the LED back into the socket. If the issue persists, it may be time to consider replacement or repair.


Check the LED Light Ballast

LED bulbs contain a component called the ballast, which functions similarly to a heart. Its primary role is to regulate the flow of electricity, ensuring constant illumination. If the ballast malfunctions, the bulb will not function properly due to irregular electricity flow. The LED equivalent of the ballast is called the drive, which serves as the electricity regulator. Although LED lights are generally less prone to electrical issues, prolonged use, electrical wiring shorts, or moisture penetration can lead to a drive failure. In such cases, it is advisable to call a technician for assistance as repairable drives are available for certain LED light types, such as wall-mounted, parking, lawn, or backyard LEDs.


Check The Power Socket Or Outlet 


Malfunctioning power sockets can also cause LED lights to malfunction. Over time, sockets can accumulate dust, which can interrupt the power supply to the LED. If you encounter this issue, clean the socket using a narrow brush and a dry cloth to remove the dust. For safety, always turn off the main power supply or circuit breaker before cleaning.

Similarly, power sockets can experience wiring burnout or short circuits, tripping your circuit breaker. This issue is typically noticeable but can lead to severe household damage and fire hazards if left unattended. 

Overloaded power sockets may result in inadequate electricity supply to the LED. However, if there aren’t any appliances connected to the socket, then the socket itself may be causing the problem. In cases like these, it’s better to contact an electrician immediately and avoid attempting DIY electrical repairs. Experienced and reputable electricians can easily repair or replace power sockets without causing further damage.


Inspect The Electrical Wiring

The electrical wiring connected to the LED bulb can also malfunction due to reasons like overloading, disconnection, or snapped wiring. To identify the main cause of this power trip, check if any switches on the circuit breaker are flipped. Flipped switches indicate faulty electrical wiring within the house. For a safer resolution, seek assistance from a professional electrical service company. They have skilled technicians who can accurately detect the issue and provide solutions such as rewiring and electrical installation for your home.


Conduct A Continuity Test 


A continuity test is crucial to identify any damaged sockets, outlets, bulbs, or other electrical components. This test involves using a tester that lights up upon contact with electrified wiring, indicating the presence of electricity. If the tester fails to light up, there may be an issue with the electrical line. It is extremely important to hire a licensed electric technician for continuity tests because they can easily identify the cause of the LED light problem. The duration of a continuity test depends on the complexity of the electrical wiring system, with larger systems taking more time. Fortunately, the cost of this service is typically affordable in Singapore.



Make sure to take a careful assessment and preparation before opting for professional LED repair services. By checking the proper insertion of the light bulb, examining the LED light ballast, inspecting power sockets or outlets, evaluating electrical wiring, and conducting a continuity test, homeowners can determine the specific electrical service needed. These essential preparations help ensure effective repairs or replacements for LED lights, allowing for optimal performance and longevity. If you are looking for a safe and effective solution, it is extremely important to seek assistance from licensed technicians. Professionals can ensure that the repairs are done properly, preventing damages that are otherwise avoidable.

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